Hand Forged Full Tang Serbian Steel Chef's Knife (40% OFF)

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This Full Tang Chef Knife is hand-forged from Serbian Steel. This knife is made using ancient techniques passed down from generation to generation. With a blade so masterfully crafted, it never dulls. The Full Tang Serbian Steel Chef Knife was made to be the longest lasting and sharpest knife you'll ever own. This unique blade makes cutting through even the toughest foods effortless. The way the blade is weighted provides unparalleled cutting and chopping abilities.


  • CUT THROUGH ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING - The Full Tang Serbian Chef Knife can be used to replace almost any knife in your kitchen. The blade makes cutting through even the toughest foods effortless. 

  • HAND FORGED TRADITIONAL WAY - This Full Tang Chefs Knife is hand forged by experienced blacksmiths in Serbia. Using ancient master smithing techniques that are perfected over decades they create this beautifully unique blade. Through repeated hammering and repetition of heating they greatly improve the density of the blade and In addition, the durability of the blade.

    • SHARPNESS THAT LASTS - Experienced bladesmiths manually sharpen the blades. With decades of experience and natural grinders, the sharpness of these knives well exceeds kitchen knives made mechanically. The Full Tang Serbian Chef Knife will continue to be the sharpest knife you own guaranteed.

    • THE MOST DURABLE KNIFE YOU'LL EVER OWN - This chef knife was made to withstand the tests of time. Being handmade by Serbian blacksmiths with different heating methods and meticulous care to  detail the Full Tang Serbian Knife is guaranteed to be the most durable and long-lasting knife you'll ever own. 


    • Blade length: 6.8" (17cm)
    • Blade width: 3.9" 10cm at widest point
    • Blade thickness: 4mm at thickest point
    • Weight: 0.66lbs (390g)
    • Material: Handmade forged high-carbon clad steel.

    • Handle: Full Tang integrated steel shaft + wood + rivet attachment