Bamboo Magnetic Knife Block

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Our Bamboo Magnetic Knife Block lets you organize, store and display your knives while helping prevent your blades from getting dull. Our magnetic knife holder is made from durable bamboo with powerful, permanent hidden magnets. The Bamboo Magnetic Knife block is sturdy and has a safe non-slip base that prevents your knives from sliding around or being knocked over. It is easy to clean and takes up less space than traditional bulky knife holders.
100% BAMBOO: Our magnetic knife holder is durable and built to last. Made with sustainable, chemical-free bamboo. This bamboo block is a modern twist on kitchen knife organizers. The knife holder is beautifully designed and looks great in any kitchen. 
UNIVERSAL: This magnetic wooden knife block is universal meaning all-metal kitchen knives work. This means your favourite knife set will work perfectly with this magnetic kitchen knife holder.
ORGANIZED SPACE SAVING: No more messy drawers of knives or traditional bulky knife blocks that take up counter space. Easier and quicker to grab your knives. 
DISPLAY YOUR KNIVES: Display your favourite and most beautiful knives with this block. Say goodbye to boring old knife blocks that hide the beauty of your blade! 

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