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 4,000+ Trusted Customer Reviews 

Award Winning Chef Knives For Half The Retail Price! 
  • Professional Quality Made Affordable

  • Traditionally Japanese Inspired Design

  • Stunning Beautiful Laser Etched Pattern

 4,000+ Trusted Customer Reviews 

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Our Kogami Steel Premium Chef Knife Collection
Puts All Others To Shame!

These Kogami Chef Knives are disrupting the billon dollar knife industry. Even the most amateur cook will feel like a pro when they feel the incredible sharpness. They are truly life changing and incredibly fun to use.

Slice And Dice Through Anything Like Butter

Kogami Knives will shred through any vegetables, fruit, meat, and anything else you cut through. You will love cooking with your new knives.

Our Knives Are The Sharpest On The Market

Our knives will blow your mind. They have been rigorously sharpened and tested to have the highest quality cut on the market.

Our Knives Deserve A Place In Your Home

A dull knife is the last thing you need in your home. A dull blade is actually more dangerous to use than one that is sharp. Plus, Kogami Knives will look good in your kitchen!

Professional Quality At A Fraction Of The Cost

Kogami Knives have been rigorously tested against the most expensive knives in the world. Time after time Kogami has come out on top. The stunning Japanese-inspired designs are made to last a lifetime.

Strong, Comfortable, & Stunning

Every knife is made with the highest quality steel. That gives it durability, resistance to long-term corrosion, and a sharper blade. Ergonomically designed, our knife sets won't cause discomfort from prolonged use. With the laser-etched Damascus pattern on the blade, they look great in any kitchen!

8" Chef Knife

Weight: 200g
A multi-purpose knife designed to perform well at many differing kitchen tasks, rather than excelling at any one in particular.

7" Cleaver Knife

Weight: 217g
Largely used for hacking through bone. The knife's broad side can also be used for crushing in food preparation (such as garlic).

7" Japanese Knife

Weight: 200g
A knife used for general food preparation. This type of knife is often used to chop larger vegetables or meat.

5" Santoku Knife

Weight: 217g
A general-purpose kitchen knife design originating in Japan. It is a multi-use, general-purpose kitchen knife.

3.5" Paring Knife

Weight: 200g
A small all-purpose knife with a plain edge that is ideal for peeling (or "paring") fruits and vegetables, and other small or intricate work.

8" Bread Knife

Weight: 217g
A broadly used knife with a wide serrated blade. Perfect for slicing bread. Designed specifically to slice and not crush.

8" Slicing Knife

Weight: 200g
Designed to precisely cut smaller and thinner slices of meat, and are normally more flexible to accomplish this task.

6" Boning Knife

Weight: 217g
A knife used in food preparation for removing bones of poultry, meat, and fish.

Why Trust Us?

Why Trust Us?

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Marcus B.

Jacksonville, FL

Verified Buyer

"Fast shipping only took 5 business days from my order date to receive them. Packaged well and knives are high quality. First use was this navel orange and it melted through them with ease. Super impressed and these I feel are going to last a lifetime. Thank you so much from Canada."

Reyes B.

Glenwillow, OH

Verified Buyer

"Good Product. Very fast shipping. Arrived in Finland in just 2 weeks. Metal colour looks dark in picture but it's actually silver colour."

Jonathon K.

Bakersfield, CA

Verified Buyer

"These knives are incredible. The quality for money is amazing. I use these knives every day and they hold up and remain sharp. This is my second time buying, this time as a gift. I can not say enough good things."

Alicia M.

Stillwater, OK

Verified Buyer

"You can slice paper-thin tomatoes with these knives! Like, seriously! They're really sharp. Bought it for my husband and now you can't get him out of the kitchen. He loves cooking now more than ever."

Kogami Steel Knife Set

Kogami Steel Knife Set
5 Piece Set8 Piece Set3 Piece Set

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